Supplementary equipment

Cold runners

The use of a cold runner can significantly reduce the amount of vulcanised waste which results from the production of rubber parts. The unvulcanised material in the channels can still be used for the further production of moulded parts and expensive material waste can be avoided. Therefore, cold runners are part of MAPLAN’s machine concept:

  • Fully integrated into the MAP.commander C6 control unit
  • All cold runner types on the market are supported
  • 52 temperature control zones in self-optimizing control circuits
  • No dripping
  • Precise, regulated volume
  • Open cold runners and needle valves: both available with cold runner protection functions
  • With the MAPLAN needle valve control, up to 64 nozzles can be controlled as follows:
    • Pneumatic / hydraulic / electric / servo-electric
    • Sequential or synchronous needle control
    • Controlled by cavity pressure, time or pressure

The cold runner control delivers optimal results in connection with the MAP.fifo injection unit. Our 360° system solutions include cold channel techniques from selected partners.