Injection Units

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    MAPLAN FIFO Injection Unit

    The MAPLAN FIFO rubber injection unit has been proven for many years and is still the unsurpassed component of MAPLAN rubber injection moulding machines. Decisive advantages lie in the brilliant simplicity of their structure, and the performance and accuracy of the system. The MAPLAN FIFO rubber injection unit allows an injection pressure of up to 2,500 bar on the tool with the aid of an extremely short nozzle and minimal pressure drop.

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    MAPLAN FIFO - ergonomic Injection Unit

    An ergonomic MAPLAN FIFO injection unit is also available and is tailored to the ergonomically optimised MAPLAN ergonomic machine series. This unit combines the advantages of MAPLAN FIFO unit with the advantage of further improved accessibility to the feed zone.

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    MAPLAN FIFO dual Injection Unit

    There are many MAPLAN FIFO injection units with hydraulic nozzle withdrawal so as to meet customer demands. The FIFO dual injection units permit flexible adjustment to different tool situations and are available in sizes ranging between 400cm³ - 1,200cm³. Injection unit of other sizes with nozzle withdrawal are available upon request.

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    MAPLAN Screw-plunger Injection Unit

    The high dosing capacity and the dosing volume of up to 12,500cm³ enable efficient production of large-volume injection moulded parts.
    With this unit, one can implement large dosing volume with ergonomic operating height in machines that inject from below.

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