These were the "Days of Technology 2017"

These were the

The third edition of the “MAPLAN Days of Technology”, after 2008 and 2014, exceeded all our expectations.

Around 450 participants from 26 countries accepted the invitation to visit our new headquarters in Kottingbrunn. For this, some literally travelled halfway around the world, from countries such as Korea, China and the USA.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all participants for this keen interest!

The range of information offered at the “MAPLAN Days of Technology” included a symposium, an in-house fair and a partner exhibition.

During the symposium, MAPLAN provided information on the company’s current status and future prospects as well as the latest technical innovations. In addition, 11 guest speakers covered a range of topics, from the Internet of Things for injection moulding, to materials technology, to research aspects and simulation techniques.

We displayed 20 different machines at the in-house fair, from C-frames to complex 2-component machines with automation. In the technical centre, we presented 5 machines running at full capacity. Production cells with full automation, from a 6-axis robot to automatic insertion machines to vertical demoulding systems and the latest moulding and cold runner technology. A software information booth with the theme of “experience industry 4.0” rounded out the expert talks with practical demonstrations. The manufacturing section itself, with more than 40 machines under construction, was able to demonstrate all stages of production.

Within the scope of the partner exhibition, 29 companies and institutes presented their products and services, thereby laying the foundation for an interesting network platform.

Despite the great density of information, the physical well-being of participants was also catered for. The much-needed refreshment was provided by the evening event in the imperial atmosphere of the Vienna Belvedere Palace as well as one or two Viennese schnitzels in the breaks between talks.

The next “MAPLAN Days of Technology” are planned for spring 2020.