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The way to energy efficiency



The way to energy efficiency

With the MAP.EnergyWatcher resource hoggers can be identified in your production chain, thus saving valuable resources. In many production plants inefficient setups go unnoticed for a long time and keep using energy uneconomically. The knowledge of the energy flows and the visualization of the exact consumption serve as the basis for setting appropriate measures and reducing the costs.

MAPLAN’s MAP.EnergyWatcher program permanently records the consumption of an injection molding machine. Consumption is recorded in detail and can thus be precisely calculated and constantly optimized. Ideally, this leads to a significant cost savings.

Any changes in the production process, such as temperature and speed variations, affect the energy consumption and result in an adjustment of the energy and trend display within the machine control generation 6 (C600.web, C6000.web & X6.web). The data allow immediate conclusions as to whether the adjustments have led to an improvement or reduction in the use of energy.

Exact calculation based on real data

Experienced process engineers can use the MAP.EnergyWatcher to calculate the energy input per machine part. This is a huge advantage in the calculation of new and related parts, as these calculations are based on real data.

Three different variants are available:

  • a medium for water measurement: WaterWatcher
  • a medium for compressed air measurement: AirWatcher
  • a medium for current measurement: PowerWatcher

Each variant is delivered in a package with appropriate hardware and software. Sensors (included) collect the necessary data for monitoring. The data is forwarded to the control software and allows extensive analysis options, such as:

  • Energy / layer
  • Energy / day
  • Energy / selectable period (comparable to trip odometer)
  • Energy consumption for the product just produced

All calculated data can also be transferred to higher-level systems using the standard export function of the C6.x controller.
The MAP.EnergyWatcher package is now available from MAPLAN, your customer advisor is looking forward to your inquiry!