Experience shapes progress.

Our eventful company history - 50 years MAPLAN

1972      Founding of MAPLAN

1985      Consolidation of MAPLAN with Pentaject

1991      Starlinger takes over MAPLAN

1993      Buyout of WERNER & PFLEIDERER injection moulding division

1994      Founding of MAchinery + PLANning Inc. USA

1997      Extension of the assembly halls at the headquarters in Ternitz

2008     Launching of the new EDITION machine series

2012      New ownership structure with takeover of the Soulier family

2013      MAPLAN Sales & Service offensive: to more than 60 countries worldwide

2013     Founding of  MAPLAN Russia OOO

2015     Founding of  MAPLAN Slovakia

2016      Opening of the new headquarters in Kottingbrunn

2016      Conversion from a stand to a modern cycle production

2017      Complete conversion to Lean Production

2017      Founding of  MAPLAN China

2018      Opening of the new production facility in Malacky, Slovakia

2018      Opening of  the new production facility in Wujin, China

2018      MAPLAN invests 23 million euros worldwide in new production facilities and service centers

2018      Winner GREEN FACTORY 2018 Award, 2. place for the BEST PRODUCTION plant in Austria

2019      Integration of MAPLAN into the SOULIER GROUP