INJECTION INTELLIGENCE – Innovative & sustainable.


Durable and efficient to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our high-quality systems and machines are manufactured by using top quality materials and handcraft competence to meet the individual requirements of our customers. In terms of energy efficiency and resource savings, the MAPLAN technology is unchallenged.

But today, it’s no longer sufficient to deliver best technology. Only those who consider processes holistically and reflect upon the question “why” in development will be successful in the future. As a pioneer in our industry, we are tackling new and more efficient solutions for producers – leading to increased competitive strength, resource savings and, ultimately, to greater satisfaction for all stakeholders.

This may be of interest for you:

360° system solutions
for high expectations

Injection moulding machines
for each application

The Original –
MAP.fifo injection unit

One for all –
MAP.commander C6

Economical and quiet:

Flexible & productive
with automation
System solutions with a PLUS+

MAPLAN - More than ever

What if it were possible to operate elastomer injection moulding machines in the same way as they do now, but with less power and resource consumption? This is no longer a dream but is now a reality: MAPLAN machines increase productivity and reduce energy consumption with proven success. In addition, our technology helps make your employees‘ workload easier and more efficient to produce the best products for your business. We offer several MAPLAN+ benefits in comparison to conventional injection moulding technology.

More productive with efficient processes

At MAPLAN, automation is used to supplement the latest technology in those much-needed areas in order to make production processes as cost-effective as possible. MAPLAN technology makes it possible to create versatile ways in which to optimise the production process according to the individual requirements of our customers:

  • Minimal pressure loss with the MAP.fifo injection unit
  • More flexible and productive with MAPLAN automation solutions
  • Process optimisation with the MAP.commander C6 controller

Economical with innovative solutions

  • Higher process speed and increased traverse speeds
  • Modular design guarantees solutions for all requirements and budgets
  • Modulares Design schafft Lösungen für alle Anforderungen und Budgets
  • Long service life with tried and tested technologies and high-quality components
  • Most compact footprint on the market: up to 50 per cent less space required on the production floor
  • Particularly attractive cost-effective standard models

We do the hard work for you

  • Maintenance-friendly design: Sophisticated door systems allow easy accessibility
  • Many models – ONE control unit: MAP.commander C6 with comprehensive standard functions for control and documentation across all MAPLAN machines

In-time with optimal processes

  • In-time Production with high process accuracy:
    high component quality, fast production and minimum rejects or waste
  • Easy-to-use technology for experts:
    MAP.fifo injection unit for large processing window, best possible repeat accuracy, optimum shear heating and therefore maximum cure speed
  • Mimise process fluctuations:
    MAP.commander C6 visualises processes and makes monitoring easy.

Energy-efficient & resource-conserving production

  • MAP. cooldrive servo drive: up to 50 per cent less power consumption and no cooling required
  • MAP.fifo injection unit: Significantly less material wastage during cleaning or compound changes
  • The quietest machine on the market: Silent operation with MAP.cooldrive & MAP.dci
  • MAP.dci: Intelligent, consumption-dependent control of the temperature control units

Clever solutions for smart manufacturers

  • Higher productivity with the access to ‘industry 4.0’ and digitisation
  • Control of robotics, automation solutions and external peripheral devices with one controller: MAP.commander C6
  • Data export for MES and BDE systems: with Euromap77 interface and OPCuA data protocol