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  • Winner GREEN FACTORY Austria 2018
  • Second place: BEST PRODUCTION in Austria in 2018

MAPLAN won the “Green Factory 2018” category and second place for the FACTORY prize

Our commitment to saving energy was key to MAPLAN being awarded the “Green Factory 2018” company competition in November 2018 in the company competition “Factory – The Best Production in Austria”. Once a year, the Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH, an independent foreign subsidiary of the largest organization for applied research in Europe, organizes this competition together with the Austrian trade magazine “Industriemagazin”. A team of experts from Fraunhofer Austria conducted an evaluation at our headquarters in Kottingbrunn, Lower Austria.

The results of this evaluation not only led to the distinction of being a “green factory” – they also confirmed to us that we are on the right track. However, it is also an important part of our corporate responsibility that the more than 200 MAPLAN employees feel at home in their workplace – and this can be wonderfully combined with ecological measures.

Lower Austrian FLAGSHIP COMPANY in terms of energy efficiency & mobility.
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MAPLAN was honored at an event under the motto “Erfolgs.Faktor.Realisierte.Energieprojekte” by state councilor Petra Bohuslav and Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce President Sonja Zwazl. A total of 42 Lower Austrian companies participated in the competition.