Together, we are MAPLAN.


Our company’s success is largely dependent on committed and motivated employees.

Our operational principles – the BIG 5 – are our inner compass in this respect a part of our corporate culture. They set forth what is important to us with regard to cooperation. The BIG 5 are the basis for our behaviour and our actions  and encourage staff members to reflect and to develop further independently.

The BIG 5 comprise the basis for our selection of employees, for training and advancement as well as for personnel development within the company. The are elementary and the basis for staff discussions and feedback rounds within the company.

  • Actively practising personal responsibility
  • What can I simplify in my daily work?
  • Do I have a problem- or solutions-oriented approach?

We constantly strive to develop ourselves further in the spirit of “Lean” Thinking and Industry 4.0. As part of this process, our employess take on the responsibility for their actions – from their beginning to successful implementation and follow-up checks.

  • Affecting others positively
  • What is my basic attitude?
  • What effect does my conduct have on my colleagues?

We are a model company and set industry standards. This is something we also demonstrate externally. In this respect, our employees are ambassadors and representatives for our company.

  • Expertise
  • How do I make certain that I’m up to date?
  • What can I learn from others?

MAPLAN is an innovation and technology leader. We relentlessly strive to improve ourselves and to raise efficiency for our customers sustainably. Our colleagues guarantee this further development through their specialist know-how.

  • Acting in a team-oriented manner
  • How do I include partner divisions meaningfully?
  • How can I support and encourage other colleagues?

Together, not alone. That is the key to our company’s joint success.

  • Operating as an entrepreneur
  • How would I act if it were my own company?
  • What opportunities for improvement do I see? What can I contribute to make this happen?

We are a company that strives for sustainable growth and corporate success. To that end, we want entrepreneurs within our company.