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Telefon: + 43 2252 790 909 127
E-Mail: spareparts@maplan.at

You benefit from the MAPLAN original spare parts service:

  • Fast delivery of original spare parts.
  • Express orders placed until 13.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and until 11 am on fridays will be delivered the same day
  • Lang-term availabilit of spare parts to support the long life-time of our machines
  • More than 90 percent of all spare parts are on stock.
  • Simple order with the MAP.easyparts 3D spare parts catalogue.



No compromise on machine availability! For this reason, we have created a First Aid Kit for MAPLAN spare parts, which contains the most important small parts in order to avoid unnecessary machine downtimes as far as possible. With the MAP.firstaid kit many small parts are at hand in an emergency – similar to replacement bulbs and fuses for the car.

Our First Aid Kit includes:

  • NH fuse links
  • Fuses (heating & control)
  • Input / output modules
  • Temperature & distance measuring module
  • Relay for temperature control units
  • Solid-State-Relays
  • Safety relay
  • Safety switch (non-contact)
  • Initiators


  • MAPLAN customers need to be flexible when it comes to maintenance. The maintenance package for MAPLAN machines contains all the components your maintenance team needs to carry out regular maintenance in a simple and independent way. With a MAP.care package kept in reserve, short-term production windows can be used reasonably for maintenance activities. This is how to get the most out of unplanned changes in your production process.
    Price advantage:
    -5% compared to single purchase

Our MAP.care maintainance ackage includes:

  • Cabinet filter
  • Hydraulic filter-Set
  • Vacuum filter
  • Initiators
  • Check valve (complete)
  • Dismantling set for reverse current stop
  • Machine nozzle, disc springs & O-rings


  • Did you know that pressure and temperature sensors also age? As a result, gradual malfunctions can occur unnoticed, which directly affect the quality of the articles produced. If you want to save time and do not have a calibrated pressure compensator, it is advisable to replace the sensors at regular intervals.
    Price advantage:
    -10 % compared to single purchase

Our MAP.care+ maintainance package includes:

  • All positions of the MAP.care maintenance packages
  • Hydraulic pressure sensors
  • Vacuum receiver
  • Thermo sensor for heating plates
  • Insulation boards
  • Heating elements
  • Shuttle ducts
  • Transducers (optional)


Do you always have an eye on your machinery? Inspections enable the early detection of potential production breakdowns and their causes. In this way, machine failure and consequential damage can be avoided. Maintenance contracts also enable better planning of service intervals, increase the availability of the machines and reduce the risk of delivery delays.

MAPLAN maintenance contract includes the examination of the following aspects and areas:

  • Functional check
  • Safety devices
  • Electrics
  • Hydraulics
  • Plasticising and injection unit
  • Clamping unit
  • Ejector systems
  • Lubrication
  • Other options, if available on the machine


Immediate help from the expert

The remote diagnosis package MAP.remote off ers the benefit of immediate assistance without needed on-site service engineers. This is not only practical, but also saves costs and emissions! MAPLAN service means to do the right thing in a short time with little effort!

NEU: Web-based camera MAP.eye

With the MAP.eye, the process or service engineer is fully aware of the current state of the machine and can access all machine parameters and provide the necessary instructions for solving the issue over the phone.

Save time and money

  • Increase machine availability
  • No onsite engineer needed, therefore no travelling costs involved
  • Enables 24×7 monitoring
  • Immediate assistance from the service or process engineer

Make it easy

  • Access is independent of time and location
  • MAP.eye online camera: direct video transmission for error analysis
  • Remote configuration possible any time
  • Always up to date: updates can be installed remotely


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Powerful VPN network
  • Professional data centre for fast data transfer
  • IPsec protocols & AES-256 bit encryption


Our support team is available for you at numerous service centers around the world.
MAPLAN subsidiaries and agents:


MAPLAN (Changzhou) Rubber Machinery Co Ltd
Building 1, West Plant, No. 377
Wuyi Road Wujin Hi-Tech Zone
CN-213164 Jiangsu Province
Kontaktperson: Rock Li
E-Mail: rock.li@maplan.at
Tel.: +86 (0519) 68212880


MAPLAN Deutschland GmbH
Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 66
D-71711 Murr
Kontaktperson: Rainer Dürr
E-Mail: rainer.duerr@maplan-germany.de
Tel.: +49 7144 89737-40


2574, Avenue des Landiers
F-73000 Chambéry
Kontaktperson: Thierry Bortot
E-Mail: service@maplan.fr
Tel.: +33 4799 63102


Molodogvardeyskaya str. 57, office 433
RUS-121351, Moscow
Kontaktperson: Philipp Kiselev
E-Mail: philipp.kiselev@maplan.at
Tel.: +7 495 640 83 88


UK, Irland
Unit 5 The Glenmore Centre, Marconi Drive
GB-GL2 2AP Quedgeley, Gloucester
Kontaktperson: John Gray
E-Mail: mapmanuk@aol.com
Tel.: +44 1452 722 733


USA, Kanada, Mexiko
Machinery + Planning Inc.
1655 North Lancaster Road
USA-60177 South Elgin, IL
Kontaktperson: Russ Burgert
E-Mail: rburgert@maplan-usa.com
Tel.: +1 630 924 0100




Geromaq Importacao, Exportacao e
Representacoes Ltda.
Rua Plinio Negrao 53
BR-04720-040 Sao Paulo, S.P.
Kontaktperson: Peter Gessert
E-Mail: comercial@geromaq.com.br
Tel.: +55 11 5522 9022


Johs. Rieckermann
331 Nguyen Thuong Hien, Dist.10
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Kontaktperson: Tim Groth
E-Mail: t.groth@sgn.rieckermann.com.vn
Tel.: +84 8 3839 9899


Finnland, Schweden, Norwegen:
Battenfeld Sverige AB
Skallebackavägen 29
S-30241 Halmstad
Kontaktperson: Nicklas Oliv
E-Mail: nicklas.oliv@battenfeld.se
Tel.: +46 35 15 59 58


Griechenland, Zypern
RIGAS Engineering SA 5, Pireos Ave.
GR-183 46 Moschato
Kontaktperson: Stella Mantzari
E-Mail: stella.mantzari@rigas-engineering.gr
Tel.: +30210 4854020


STATE Technologies srl
Via Vailate, 15/a
I-24040 Calvenzano (BS)
Kontaktperson: Francesco Valsecchi
E-Mail: f.valsecchi@state-art.it
Tel.: +39 0363 853209


Niederlande, Belgien, Luxemburg
E.J. von Burg Benelux
Maria Louiselaan 5
NL-3401 BA Ijsselstein
Kontaktperson: Edward von Burg
E-Mail: edward@vonburg.nl
Tel.: +31 30 6560412


Serbien, Nordmazedonien
PRIMEX export-import
Bul. Revolucije 290
SCG-11050 Beograd
Kontaktperson: Mirjana Saveski
E-Mail: primex@sezampro.rs
Tel.: +381 11 2417 362


SMID a spol., s.r.o.
Na Vlecce 357
CZ-252 18 Úhonice
Kontaktperson: Petr Smid
E-Mail: petr.smid@smid-a-spol.cz
Tel.: +420 606 614 505


Diltech OOD
3 Drava str., office 1
BG-4003 Plovdiv
Kontaktperson: Zapryan Nonov
E-Mail: service@diltech.bg
Tel.: +359 32 96 93 96


SMID a spol., s.r.o.
Na Vlecce 357
CZ-252 18 Úhonice
Kontaktperson: Petr Smid
E-Mail: petr.smid@smid-a-spol.cz
Tel.: +420 606 614 505


Diltech OOD
3 Drava str., office 1
BG-4003 Plovdiv
Kontaktperson: Zapryan Nonov
E-Mail: service@diltech.bg
Tel.: +359 32 96 93 96