Service with intellect and insight


We value our customers.

We at MAPLAN are known for our remarkable customer service. What sets us apart in this regard? A high level of technical know-how, years of experience, short response times and effective communication. We are there for our customers, we understand their problems and we find solutions! We see our customer-supplier relationships as partnerships. That is our promise for a successful customer relationship.

The worldwide MAPLAN service branches across numerous European countries, the US, Mexico and China all guarantee our level of customer service through trained technicians and engineers. They know all machines down to the last detail. If you need our customer support, we will be on site with concentrated competence! focuses on the customer. Only in close cooperation we are able understand the specific challenges and solve them together.


Our service provides:



We are there for you and support you in the following concerns and challenges:

  • Expert service by trained engineers
  • Express service
  • Hotline for immediate troubleshooting
  • Online diagnosis & support with MAP.remote maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Machine relocations
  • Installation and set-up of customer-specific functional enhancements
  • Upgrades
  • Service
  • Maintenance and repairs



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A-2542 Kottingbrunn
Tel.: + 43 2252 790 909
Fax: + 43 2252 790 909 -101