Providing maximum accessibility to the working area

Our tried and tested vertical EASY+ C-frame injection moulding machines are compact, perfectly suited to produce specific rubber articles, including moulded part corners and small batches, and are available in clamping forces ranging from 20 to 100t.

Different machine concepts can be implemented depending on theintended application:
1.Top – Injection from above, closing from below
2. Bottom – Injection from below, closing from above
3.Top Top – Injection and closing from above – with fixed machine table.

The unique design of this machine truly comes into its own when connecting elastomerprofiles or specially automated processes. Optionally available: 59cm3 and 150cm3 injection units for TPE processing.

Advanced. Features.


  • Intelligent one-piece design with very small footprint
  • Ideal accessibility from 3 sides
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Many optional extras available
  • Simple operation with the MAP.commander C600 control unit
  • Comes with many MAPLAN+ benefits
New edition

EASY+ TTPE 85/50

  • For TPE or elastomer
  • Optimised for strength, stiffness & weight
  • Fast and energy-saving
  • New MAP.commander C60 control: intelligently integrated in the control cabinet


[kN][cm³]Standard [mm]
EASY+ T 3030050 – 250255 x 255
EASY+ T 4040050 – 250255 x 255
EASY+ T 100100050 – 400500 x 400
EASY+ B 30300100 – 200255 x 255
EASY+ B 40400100 – 200255 x 255
EASY+ TT 2020050 – 200300 x 300
EASY+ TT 3030050 – 250300 x 300

For the processing of:
Rubber, HTV silicone, TPE

For the production of articles for:
automotive industry, household & white goods, medical engineering.

Typical articles:
Small molded parts, low unit quantities, corner joint production, boot lids, engine bonnets, connection of elastomer profiles etc.

Individuell und mit Serviceplan

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