Automation solutions

Optimise your processes with MAPLAN automation options.

MAPLAN offers a wide range of multifunctional automation modules for process optimisation and shortened cycle times.

  • Modular automation kit
  • Increase the productivity and energy efficiency of your facility
  • Fast and precise movements thanks to efficient servo drives
  • MAP.autocell: Individual solutions for fully or semi-automatic production
  • Centralised control system of all components with MAP.commander C6
  • Additional components can be easily integrated into the cycle configuration
  • Integration into the visualisation, diagnostic and alarm system


Heating plate shifting / changing

  • Heating plate shifting enables improved ergonomics
  • Increased output through exchanging the heating plate (two lower mould halves)

Middle plate change

  • Increased output using two centre plates
  • Increased productivity through synchronised change of centre plates

Frame shifting / changing

  • Cost-effective solution for centre plate replacement or shifting
  • Manual or hydraulic

Vacuum systems

We offer vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps or vacuum storage for the ideal production process.


Loading and demoulding devices

  • Optimised placement and removal from parts from the mould
  • From slideway systems up to fully automated systems
  • Placement and demoulding of insert components as well as for the removal of the finished articles

All the above options are optionally extendable with external ejectors (with or without heating plate), sprue pickers or demoulding control systems.

Process-optimisation for horizontal machines: Demoulding with brush systems

Turn your horizontal RAPID+ into a fully automatic production cell:

Our robust brush systems for automatic demoulding and cleaning are among the most effective automation options for horizontal injection moulding machines. They enable the fully automatic production of all free-falling articles such as O-rings, sealing elements and moulded articles.

  • Cost-effective automation solution
  • Single or double brush design
  • Up to three vertical units possible
  • Precise demoulding processes due to stable components
  • Many possible configurations: Spraying and blowing devices, ejector plates or gripper systems
  • Individual cycle configuration of movements
  • Full integration in the MAP.commander
  • C6 including diagnostics
  • Fast, precise movements with the servo drive


Customer-specific system solutions on request