NEW: MAP.crb cold runner systems

Increase your Profitability

Growing raw material prices, rising disposal costs and constant cost pressure forces companies to constantly improve their performance and to produce in an environmentally friendly way. For this reason, we offer various coldrunner systems to guarantee our customers particularly high efficiency in the production of rubber and elastomer articles. Your advantages when using cold runners:

  1. Perfectly balance a large number of cavities
  2. Improve part quality due to stable processes
  3. Ensure maximum performance: higher output with same mould size
  4. Reduce rubber wastage resulting in cost savings
  5. Increase profitability in elastomer processing
MAP.crb slim
Saves daylight
for larger moulds
or automation

Heights between 95mm & 125mm depending on number of nozzles

MAP.crb solid
Perfectly balanced
temperature distribution

Upgrade your machines easily with MAP.crb slim. Particularly advantageous when combined with automation components

MAP.crb solid+
A low-maintenance,
robust solution for larger moulds or automation

Excellent closing accuracy: Perfect clamping force distribution over the complete surface

Small dimensions – huge effect

MAP.CRB slim

The closed MAP.crb slim cold runner system is characterised by a simple, ultra-slim and user-friendly design. MAP.crb slim can be used on almost any machine even without increasing the clearance. Therefore, it is ideal for the uncomplicated retrofitting of all machines in the existing machine park.

Perfect thermal design

MAP.CRB solid & solid+

MAP.crb solid is a closed cold runner and a particularly low-maintenance, solid solution for almost any application and is particularily suitable for any use including high-speed processes and thermally demanding applications (maximum pressure stability of up to 3500 bar).

MAP.crb solid+ also offers manual nozzle control, which enables easy balancing of the material flow in the individual flow channels.

All MAP.crb systems are fully integrated into the MAP.commander C6 machine control. MAP.crb cold runners deliver best results in connection with the MAP.fifo injection unit.

The MAPLAN project team will be pleased to advise you.