From old to new.

MAP.rebuy - upcycling instead of recycling!

MAP.rebuy - upcycling instead of recycling!

Which machines are eligible?

  • Only MAPLAN machines (no competitor machines)
  • CE certificate mandatory
  • Only machines built 1995 or newer
  • Only machines ≥ 150t clamping force
  • preferably Gen4/Gen5 machines

Machine condition?

  • working and non-working machines
  • as functional as possible
  • preferable with documentation

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Upcycled MAPLAN Machines

Make use of an upcycled machine!

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    We offer a 12-months warranty for the control unit (new installed equipment), for other machine parts the warranty is limited to 6-months. 

    Excluded are damages or defects which are caused by improper using and improper maintenance of the machine as well as wear and tear parts (such as, but not limited to screw, plasticizing cylinder, injection pot, hydraulic pump, motor, seals). 

    The precondition for warranty claims is to keep recommended maintenance schedule according to the MAPLAN guidelines (manual). The first machine installation and commissioning has to be done through MAPLAN personnel.

    The warranty period starts at the date of commissioning but latest 30 days after shipment (B/L or CMR-date).