Supplier Portal of Maplan GmbH


MAPLAN GmbH is always looking for new potential suppliers and partners in all fields. This does not mean however that we constantly change our suppliers; on the contrary, MAPLAN GmbH places great emphasis on consistency and continuity. Nevertheless, it is essential in today’s fast paced global economy to pursue a steady and active supply market evaluation. This is one of the success factors satisfying the market requirements of the future.

Your application as a new supplier goes through the following process:

  1. Registration with Online Application for New Suppliers
  2. Detailed assessment and feedback by the purchase / engineering departments
  3. Invitation to the first tender
  4. Commercial / technical review
  5. Admission as a “FTS” (First Trial Supplier) with a trial order
  6. Review of the initial delivery and feedback from purchase / QA departments
  7. On-site audit by MAPLAN, including an audit protocol
  8. Evaluation and feedback by the purchase / QM departments
  9. Acceptance as a “TPS” (Trial Period Supplier) with further trial orders
  10. Positive results within the observation period of approximately 6 months
  11. Final discussion of all persons in authority
  12. Acceptance as a “RSS”  (Regular Standard Supplier)

Click here for the application form for new suppliers: