Efficient & sustainable production with MAPLAN


MAPLAN considers not only ecological and social apects when we think of sustainability, but also the economical element. Time is money. Waste is expensive.  Technology must be easy to use to avoid mistakes or breakdowns and save time for the training of the staff etc. Efficient processes today are an more important than ever – they are an important competitive factor. Therefore, being innovative in injection moulding technology means for us to make usage of state-of-the-art technology to improve the production processes of our clients and make our technology simple to understand. We support our customers to be successful in the future.

MAPLAN technology offers a variety of options for the optimisation of the production process to meet the individual needs of our partners:

Precise MAP.fifo injection unit

The particularly short nozzle guarantees a very lowest pressure loss and thus contributes to an excellent energy balance. The short nozzle also enables a quick and easy compound exchange. Therfore the material change is made simple and saves time and effort! Read more…

Ingenious machine control

The MAP.commander C6 convinces with simple logic and a user-friendly user interface design. A variety of configuration options guarantees an optimization of the production process. Read more …


Process-optimized with MAP.limit envelope curves

The special MAP.limit envelope curves are an add-on to the process graph and simplify the monitoring of the injection process to provide simple support for the evaluation of the optimal production process. This can lead to higher productivity and reduction of waste. Read more …

Fully-integrated cold runners 

The material-saving cold runner needle valves are fully controlled from the MAP.commander C6 application. Learn about the advantages of cold runners. Read more …

3-zone-regulation & Isobars

With the 3-zone temperature control, the quality of the parts remains constant, while additional Isobars guarantee a consistent temperature in the mould.



“Perfection has not been achieved when you can no longer add anything further, but when you can no longer take anything away” – this quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry perfectly describes what is important to us here at MAPLAN: paring things down to the essentials.


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We place our faith in LEAN Production because perfect product quality can only be guaranteed through optimal production conditions and lean production. Lean production always goes hand in hand with increased efficiency and waste reduction. As a company that has been distinguished for best-practice, we feature here an excerpt from our LEAN activities:

Our lean production provides MAPLAN customers with the following advantages:


  • Test protocols and assessment directly at the supplier
  • Full traceability of parts
  • Complaint management with task distribution; email distribution
  • Digital logging of test-runs


  • Significantly shorter throughput times thanks to state-of-the-art cycle production
  • Traffic light system (Andon) with task-force line
  • Working time model as per ROM
  • Paperless production
  • Ongoing 5S Shadow Board workplace design, weekly security, organisation and cleanliness checks as well as a continuous energy tour
  • Permanently defined material supply areas and types
  • Daytime KPIs
  • PDCA cycle
  • Constant six-eye checks for quality assurance
  • Optimal packaging solutions thanks to an in-house shipping department


  • Just-in-time delivery and just-in-sequence supply
  • Optimised circulation containers (spars, china, pipes, hoses, VPAK)
  • Delivery instructions with clear rules for cleaning and delivery position
  • Perfect storage system thanks to state-of-the-art warehouse lifts and the RFID Kanban system
  • Provision of materials takes place ergonomically and flexibly