Efficient for new heights of economic efficiency

Powerful and fast – the horizontal RAPID+ injection moulding machines from MAPLAN are designed for high speeds and automated processes. They support all common demoulding and automation concepts for fully automatic production, thereby significantly reducing personnel costs. A true all-rounder with a proven track record.

Advanced. Features.


  • Generously dimensioned clamping unit for extremely high rigidity and plane parallelism
  • Large clearance width and closing stroke for a wide range of mould designs
  • Optimised, inter alia for the processing of difficult technical elastomers
  • Various demoulding devices and brush systems available
  • Post-processing-free production of sealing elements and moulded articles possible
  • Cold runner ready
  • Comes with all MAPLAN+ benefits
New, fast & energy-efficient

RAPID+ 300 RC22

  • New clamping unit with lubricant-free prism guidance system
  • Up to 20 % reduction of the machine cycle time
  • Low energy consumption
  • Significantly increased stiffness values


[kN][cm³]Standard [mm]
RAPID+ 20020001000510 x 510
RAPID+ 30030002600670 x 670
RAPID+ 400 / 4604000 / 4600700-4000875 x 875
RAPID+ 65065004000-85001000 x 1100
RAPID+ 80080004000-85001000 x 1100

Processing of:
Standard rubbers (NR, EPDM, NBR, CR, …), solid silicone, LSR and technical elastomers like AEM, HNBR, ECO, ACM, FVMQ, …

Fully automatic production of articles :
Automotive industry, household and white goods, sanitary area, oil producing industry, medical technology, railway and custom-made products.

Typical articles:
Seals and other precise small parts in large quantities