From old to new.



An outdated machine does not have to be replaced but can often be updated with low financial investments, making it more economical and more productive. Our team will work with you to develop the ideal package for you. You choose the scope: From the uncomplicated replacement of worn out components, new heating plate systems all the way to the entirely new construction of the machine – everything is possible.

WHY MAP.refit?

  • Extension of machine service life
  • Increased productivity or larger processing scope
  • No risk: Improved machine availability
  • Smaller financial investment versus a new acquisition
  • Integrate new processes and optimise existing ones?

Upgrade now and benefit from all new MAP.commander C6 functions. The MAP.commander X6 package boasts the full range of functions, just like the new MAPLAN models.

MAP.commander X6 control upgrade

  • Connectivity features & interface to Industry 4.0
  • Easy and intuitive user guidance
  • Fast cycle configuration and self-optimising motion sequences
  • Improved diagnostics & security features
  • Real-time production data & statistics with helpful visualisations
  • Consumption optimisation & increased output

The X6 Upgrade Package includes:

Switch cabinet
Saftey technologies
MAP.commander C6 hard- and software


Upgrades and conversions

Only small adjustments can add considerable economic and technical value. Make use of the MAPLAN assembly and retrofitting services for smooth and efficient production!

Consists of:
– Base frame
– Spindle gear motor including brake and safety clutch
– Other mechanical components
– Wiring and software

Consists of:
– Mechanical devices
– Hydraulic devices
– Wiring and software

Consists of:
– Main console
– Vertical or horizontal module (for vertical or horizontal clamping unit)
– Brush head
– Electric or pneumatic drive option for brush head and axis movements are available

Consists of:
– Stuffer
– Connection parts stuffer -machine
– Hydraulic components
–  Conversion kit for machine cabinet

MAPLAN offers more value for existing machines.

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