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Press Release: MAPLAN at the K2019 show



MAPLAN at the K 2019

With “Injection Intelligence” for efficiency gains

The focus of the exhibition presentation of the Austrian rubber injection molding machine manufacturer MAPLAN in Hall 16 on Stand D 40 will be the upgrading of existing plants in addition to the restructured new machine program. Both focal points are designed to give users economically interesting options for increasing their competitiveness in times of uncertain economic prospects. This includes the cost-effective replacement of the machine control as well as the retrofitting of automation equipment and energy consumption displays. Representing the new machine series, a horizontal RAPID + 700 Dual / 300 and a vertical ERGO + 6000/400 including extensive automation modules will be presented, thus presenting the new MAPLAN options as a provider of 360 ° complete solutions.

With this year’s K trade fair presentation, MAPLAN makes strong reference to the current uncertainties in the further development of the economy and thus in important customer sectors for elastomer molded articles, for example the automotive industry. In order to provide the companies concerned with opportunities to reduce production costs and increase competitiveness, MAPLAN presents a whole bundle of measures and equipment for upgrading existing plants, which can be used to extend their useful life with economically interesting investments or their production efficiency can be increased. This area will be dedicated to the central area of ​​the enlarged exhibition stand.

There, a wide range of control and monitoring devices will be presented and demonstrated, such as the retrofit version of the current MAP.commander C6 control with the type designation X6, and those on MAPLAN machines of the control generation 4 (= from year 1995) in just three working days can be retrofitted and makes it web-connectable, or allows the connection to a corporate network. Or the retrofitting of utility meters for electricity, air and water as a basis for decision-making for saving measures.

Efficient through automation: “RAPID +” – horizontal machine for high-volume production

One of the two machine exhibits is representative of the newly revised horizontal machine series, which will be available at the K-fair under the model name “RAPID +” in a clamping force range from 2000 to 4000 kN. It is the RAPID + 700 Dual / 300 (3000 kN clamping force) with the energy-saving “MAP.cooldrive” servo drive for the hydraulic system. On the injection side, the machine has a 725 cm³ MAP.fifo plasticizing unit with an injection pressure of up to 2,300 bar. “50 Shore A HTV silicone” is used for the stuffing device with hydraulic locking. Elastic “crown cork” bottle caps are produced with a 16 cavity cold runner tool from OR.P. STAMPI s.r.l.. The 16 cold runner nozzles are hydraulically controllable and can therefore be adjusted individually or in clusters as required in their filling behavior. In the concrete case, the demolding function in the tool assumes a stripper plate. To demonstrate alternative Entformungsmethoden located on the machine and a servo-electrically driven double brush device.

Ergonomic and productive: Fully automated production cell based on an “ERGO +” vertical machine

The second machine exhibit is a hydraulic, bottom-closing vertical machine from the new “ERGO +” series, which is available in four clamping force levels up to 4000 kN. This is followed by the “ERGOMAX +” series in three sizes up to a clamping force of 9000 kN. The common feature of all ERGO + machines is the design of the clamping unit, which is optimized to a minimum operating height, which usually eliminates the need to add walk-in platforms or install the machines in foundation pits.

Specifically, an ERGO + 6000/400 with a clamping force of 4600 kN will be available at the stand. It is equipped with a 6000 cm³ MAP.fifo plasticizing unit with 2000 bar injection pressure. In combination with an ABB industrial robot, which handles the cavity plate manipulation between the machine and a demoulding and reworking station, the machine becomes an automated production cell. The smartphone multi-function holders made of 75 Shore A EPDM manufactured by AS-Zerspanungstechnik GmbH in conjunction with a needle valve cold runner by PETA Formenbau GmbH are labeled with a laser by Bluhm Systeme GmbH after demoulding in a rework station of WEASystec GmbH. decorated.

System networking and status transparency through Industry 4.0 – capabilities

With regard to Industry 4.0, the application examples show what is currently possible in the machine environment. The basis for this is the machine control MAP.commander C6000, whose processing speed has been significantly increased. It communicates with robots and peripherals via the industry-standard OPC / UA interface and connects to MES systems for data exchange within corporate networks.

MAPLAN at the K-2019: Hall 16 – Stand D 40


Abb.1: MAPLAN-Maschinenexponat 1 – Die hydraulische Horizontalmaschine RAPID+ 700D/300

Abb.2: MAPLAN-Maschinenexponat 2 – Eine Produktionszelle auf Basis einer hydraulischen Vertikalmaschine aus der neuen ERGO+-Baureihe